Awards & Badges


An Amazing Attorney

Mark was an amazing attorney. He was very very honest about every step that he took with my case. He informed me about what to expect and was very patient with all of my questions. When we went to court he made sure that all of my concerns were addressed and that we fought for everything that I had asked for. The best thing of all besides my case turning out good for me was that he came under budget. I highly recommend Mr. Mark Anthony Barrionuevo for all legal needs.

Thank you!!

If you’re in doubt, hire Mark Anthony! Without going into detail, my husband discovered an urgent and immediate need to escalate a concern to court for the safety of my step-sons. The court system seems to navigate in a way in which moms are always favored but Mark Anthony succeeded in turning that stigma around. We are SO thankful for Mark Anthony and Melonie (his paralegal). They worked around the clock to collect needed items for our case. They kept us in the loop every step of the way. They are available to my husband and I any time of day with questions and never make me feel ignorant with my millions of questions. Mark Anthony even came up with future suggestions on how to save money for us since we will be continuing to work with Mark Anthony Law for future hearings. He is not a salesman and truly is doing this to help parents and children in need! Thank you thank you!

An Outcome That Was Beneficial

I had the privilege of working with Mark through my divorce. He listened to my concerns and what outcome I was looking for. From the onset, he was results oriented, realistic, and straightforward. He never misled me or advised me based on what he thought I wanted to hear. Working together, we were able to accomplish an outcome that was beneficial for my children and me. I will continue to seek his advice in the future if problems should arise. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney to represent them in their divorce proceedings.

My Best Experience with a Lawyer Ever

I found myself in need of a lawyer for a second time dealing with my ex-husband. I have dealt with many lawyers before. I was NOT looking forward to this case and dealing with yet another lawyer. I found Mark Anthony, spoke with him, felt there was just something different about him and hired him. No “salesman” type speech or right off the bat kind of thing where lawyers make you feel like “yeah your right. I don’t deserve that! I am in the right here!” He was great! He didn’t email/call you for every little thing, charge you by the second (like it seems most do). His invoices are simple and easy to read.

Moreover Mark really had my children’s and my back. So much so we settled in mediation! Something I KNEW was a waste of time and money but I was wrong. It felt great to say NO to my ex-husband on everything he was offering just flat out and have him take MY offer! I cannot begin to express the importance of that. Mark Anthony had our interest at heart from the day I signed the contract. I know dealing with my ex I will surely need a lawyer again. I will choose Mark Anthony again hands down. He is honest, not greedy and has his clients’ best interests in mind at all times!

Sometimes there’s no way around it, you just have to have a lawyer and it stinks. This has been my best experience with a lawyer ever. Thank you Mark Antony seriously from the bottom of my heart Thank you!

Mark Worked a Miracle

I wanted to take this time to thank Mark Anthony and Marlea for all the help they provided. I want others to know our success story. We have an on-going out of state custody battle for my husband’s son. We had a foreign order that many attorneys in Colorado Springs and Denver told us to give up on. We also got stood up the day of court by another attorney. We were losing hope and all the odds were against us! And then we found Mark Anthony Law! It was tough and at times very trying but Mark Anthony did it! He succeeded where others had failed or simply did not want to try because the case looked too difficult. He worked with my husband and I even when my husband was away for military training. Mark Anthony made sure everything was filed and we were notified of everything in a timely manner. I highly recommend Mark Anthony to anyone. Mark Anthony made the impossible possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Front of the Pack

I was referred to Mark Anthony Law from a friend who was a previous client of Mark’s. My first impression of Mark is that he is very professional and top notch. I received clear guidance and excellent service from him and his office. Their responses to my questions and concerns were swift and prompt. For a divorce, and having gone through three prior divorces, without question, Mark stands out very far first from the pack. I would absolutely refer anyone to Mark Anthony Law.

Difficult Case

I’m grateful to have had Mark Anthony Law as my legal sword and shield throughout my high conflict divorce case. He strategically fought for and secured permanent protection for me and my children. We are close to the end and I am confident that I will receive my marital portion of assets, something that would not have been possible without Mark’s expertise! I highly recommend Mark Anthony Law to all who need representation for difficult family cases.

Lien Issues

Mark Anthony Law was chosen to help us remove an unfairly placed lien on our home. Mark very thoroughly covered all of the options with us during our initial meeting, and kept us fully informed during the entire process. His assistant Marlea also supplied us with information and assistance as we needed it. Although no one ever enjoys legal wrangling, we were very satisfied with our results, and we would turn to Mark again should the need arise.

Best of the Best

I was referred to Mr. Anthony a few months ago when my attorney at the time failed to fully help me out. I read and heard many good things about him online and from other people that my wife had told me about. From the moment I had gone to his office and left, I knew I was getting the best legal consultation I could get. I’m in the military and sometimes communication is a challenge for me, but during all of this, his law office still continued reaching out through email and contacting my wife when I was unable to communicate.


I would first like to say Mark Anthony from Mark Anthony Law is the best attorney. I had been battling a serious case and came to Mark. I had called over a hundred attorneys from Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs & Pueblo and none of them were a good fit. Then I found Mark Anthony and my prayers were answered. His knowledge of the law is absolutely amazing. I had been going threw a horrible time in dealing with this, and Mark fought for me. So I didn’t have to anymore. Seeing him in this complex trial and seeing how completely experienced he was in dealing with this situation was comforting, knowing I hired the best and perfect attorney. He was successful and WE WON! He is absolutely amazing!

Specialized Knowledge

Mark Anthony Law is the most professional and experienced. Mark Anthony defended me in a case that required specialize knowledge . The fact that Mark was so confident and knowledgeable in taking my case gave me so much comfort. I finally had someone who fought for me with the truth and knowledge of the law. We were successful in trial and I am forever grateful. I would see Mark Anthony Law in a heart beat for any legal matter in the future.

Reasonably priced, very knowledgeable

Mark represented me in a child support case. Mr. Barrionuevo was very well prepared for the hearing and he took the time to personally see that I was as well. Having dealt with the court system on more than one occasion, the peace of mind that comes from having competent representation is priceless. Throughout the entire process, both Mark and Marlea were very reassuring which really eased my stress level. I was very impressed. In my opinion, if you need an attorney, Mark Barrionuevo is the only choice. I am extremely grateful and am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Reasonably priced, very knowledgeable.

Fortune Favors the Prepared

Mark did a spectacular job of representing our company recently. His attention to detail, understanding of the rule of law and solid game plan left us much more prepared than opposing counsel which eventually led them to drop the lawsuit against us. I can’t thank Mark enough for his help in this matter!

Mark is a God send!!!

Let me start by saying that Mark was, and is a God send!!!!! My family has been through so much; especially our young children. Without hesitation or trepidation, Mark took on our case to help protect our children. We have 4 children; two of them being a 4 year old and 5 year old that were involved in some traumatic and life threatening situations that we could NOT get the courts to see and help us with.  Until Mark helped us, we felt hopeless; like there was no end to our fight to protect our family.  Everything we have invested; time, stress, money etc was well worth it to ask Mark for help!!!  Without him, we would still be fighting a long and stressful battle!!  Now our kids are out of harm’s way, have a healthy household and are enjoying life!!  Thank you so so so much!!!!

Hardest Year of My Life

I was referred to Mark Anthony Law by a friend who was in a similar situation. Mark and Marlea helped me through one of the most difficult years of my life. Mark is very knowledgeable in Family Law and I know that I could not have made it through my case without him. I am grateful to know you and would not hesitate to recommend Mark Anthony Law in my situation.

A Confident Attorney

I heard about Mark Anthony Law through an internet search my friend helped me out with. Having never been in a court house or dealing with an attorney otherwise, my initial impression was wonderful, Mark was extremely at ease and confident. My experience with Mark Anthony Law was wonderful. With the confidence that Mark showed day one and the communication that he provided, I knew I was in safe hands through the whole case, the outcome was the best it could be thanks to Mark. I would recommend this Law Office to anyone that is in my shoes.

Amazing Talent

Mark has such an amazing talent. He worked for over a year and a half on our extremely difficult and complicated child custody case. Mark paid attention to the smallest detail and made sure it was heard. Mark even took things a step further and got some of our attorney fees paid back. There were so many times I would literally be freaking out and Mark always made to to reassure me that he was on top of it and doing everything in his power to make sure my voice was heard. Trust Mark, he knows what he is doing.

Mark is my Back Bone

Mark has been very helpful in my case with my daughter. Trying to trust someone these days is very hard, especially with your kids. Mark is VERY organized in court, on top of his work. While in the court I’m a mess, Mark was very much so my back bone. My court continues on, but I am very satisfied in hiring Mark for my case and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

A Valuable Asset to the Legal Community

I cannot emphasize enough what an exceptional attorney and human being Mark Anthony Barrionuevo is. I have had the pleasure of having Mark Anthony as my legal counsel. His professionalism is remarkable along with his compassion for his clients and all persons/animals involved. He is a sharp strategist, detailed, powerful, concise, efficient, tenacious, timely, direct, knowledgeable, astute, flexible, has integrity, is grounded, personable, respectful…I could go on and on.

Mark Anthony has incredible adaptability; he displays a genuine concern and dedication for his clients and their situations. He is extremely knowledgeable, easily accessible and approachable. He makes sure he addresses all clients’ concerns.

He has a great attention to detail. By his focused efforts and in going above and beyond, Mark Anthony was able to produce significant components to my case with little to start with. He has an uncanny ability to engage with people at their level of legal understanding. He is unfailingly cheerful, upbeat, and positive. His professionalism, knowledge, expertise, dedication, relentless perseverance, patience, connection and consistent work ethic were critical to me/my case and aided immeasurably to ensure our success.

I will attest Mark Anthony is an outstanding person who I am very pleased to have worked with and have come to consider a friend. I have no doubts Mark Anthony Barrionuevo (and his paralegal Marlea) is a valuable asset to the legal community. I highly recommend Mark Anthony Law if you are in need of legal assistance.

Bull Dog Attorney

Mark was a tremendous help to us. After the forest fire, the insurance company was giving us a run around. Mark reminded us of a bull dog who doesn’t let go until the job is done. He collected the full amount for what we were insured for. This helped us to get our lives back on track. The cost he charged was very reasonable. We appreciate him very much. Could not have asked for a better attorney.

Strong and Trustworthy Lawyer

Unfortunately, I have had to hire five lawyers in my life so far, and Mark Anthony is by far one of the most honest and fair lawyer that I have come across. He and his paralegal assistant are very thorough in analyzing evidence. In the future, I will most definitely refer him to all my friends and family who may ever be in need of a strong and trustworthy lawyer.

Top of My List

Mark Anthony is the only Attorney I will ever use. He is at the top of my list. I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone that I know. Mark is an expert in his field.

My First Call

Mark Anthony will be my first call if I ever need legal advice or counsel. I would not hesitate to refer him to any of my friends or family members.

Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism

Mark Anthony Barrionuevo has represented me in a very intense and complex trial, and I can’t say enough about him. He did his homework, and there was a lot of it as this was a very complex case to say the least.

I would recommend him for ANY type of legal help anyone might need in their lives as I have never had an attorney spend so much time and effort in helping me make the correct and logical decisions on my case. He was excellent in presenting me different ideas and thought processes that did essentially affect my case.

Mark Anthony was on top of all arguments, citing the case law in such a way that the courts actually engaged with him in thoughtful discussions that were looked upon respectfully. Even myself, with little or no courtroom experience, actually could follow his common sense approach to law.

I now have a true friend and an attorney that I can count on as he is without a doubt one of the most honest and respectful persons I have ever met and I look forward to knowing he is out there if I ever need any type of legal advice or help in the future.


Best by far

Mark was the most excellent attorney I have ever delt with. He listened to my concerns and knew what was important to me and my family. He paid attention to detail and knew the law inside and out. I felt as if he worked night and day on my case and always assured me he was on top of my case. He made me feel as if I was his only client. He remained professional even at the hard times. His compassion for my family was as if he himself was fighting for a family member. He would answer my calls and emails day and night. When we won our case he celebrated with us as if we won the lottery together. His passion and knowledge for the law is outstanding. He knows and uses different angles because of his knowledge for the law. He was honest and never used dirty tactics just to win. I never felt like a client to Mark….but more like a family member.

Extraordinary Intellectual Abilities

Mark is excellent in client relations. He stays positive and remarkably supportive in the difficult moments. He extensively researched several complex cases for me and remembered important details to win my case. I’m impressed with his ability to recall specifics and determine clever solutions with the opposing counsel. I wish him continued success and thank him for reuniting my family by bringing home my baby girl. Words cannot describe what he has done for me.

Honest, Compassionate , Pro Family Attorney

I consulted with Mark after viewing the web site videos of his educational and professional background, as well as reading his reviews and seeing his rating of 7.2 . I was served with a summons of Legal Separation in Denver, Colorado as I was leaving on a visit to Texas. An attorney in Texas checked out Mark’s educational background and ratings on the Colorado Bar web site and recommended Mark to me. Mark contacted me soon after I submitted my information online and consulted with me for a good hour by phone from Texas, concerning my situation. I explained to him that my marriage to my wife should be approached with reconciliation as the primary goal. I did not want a Legal Separation in Colorado as it is a divorce designed to skirt around my religious beliefs. Mark represented me with respect for my wishes and respect for the importance I placed on my marriage.

Mark was very honest in his advice to me in my case as he represented me, and honestly listened to my concerns as well as caring. His financial terms were very straight forward , agreeable, easy to understand and he e-mailed at the end of every week so I was always up to date on the balance of my account. Mark will place your interests before the all mighty dollar many attorneys typically seek. Mark is an honest, compassionate, pro marriage/family attorney with a family he himself places a very high value on. My wife even approves of his style , as we both gave him a 10 rating.

Our Legal Separation is now in STAY mode for six months as we have entered into an agreement of joint counseling, reconciliation and are once again enjoying each others company and sharing our love for one another.
Thank You Mark Barrionuevo

Excellent Combination of Expertise and Empathy

I hired Mark Anthony to help me with a messy and complicated case in Colorado. From the beginning he treated me like a human and not a customer.

Mark Anthony has excellent communication skills, responds promptly and kept me up to date on the proceedings. In the court room he championed for me with a spectacular outcome.

I can honestly say that Mark Anthony’s combination of expertise and empathy are rare.


Mark was amazing!!!!! I would give 10 stars if I could. He did an amazing job on my domestic case! I will say he was very fair and focused on what was important to me as a client. He gave me great advice and did what was best at every moment to get our end goals achieved. He was great!!!!

Excellent attorney

I hired mark for my case. He did a spectacular job. He helped me with custody.

Superior Service

Mark was a wonderful attorney. He was kind and compassionate during meetings with me, but then tenacious when it came negotiations. He guided me through a difficult process very patiently.

Fair, honest, knowledgeable, and kind

I have known Mark Anthony Barrionuevo for several years and have always been impressed with the way that he approaches both his craft and life in general.

I have consulted with Mark on various issues over the years when faced with decisions that could have a legal impact and he has always steered me in the right direction. Mark really understands the law and the impact that legal issues have on the lives of people. I find it a wonderful trait in a lawyer who is more interested in seeing “the right” done than jumping into a case for his own benefit at the expense of those involved.

I have referred several people to Mark Barrionuevo and will continue to do so when the situation arises because I trust Mark to use his professional and personal skills for the benefit of all of his clients.

Best Attorney I’ve Ever Worked With!!

Due to an irresponsible, nasty ex-husband, I have had to deal with the judicial system for the last 7 years. When I would contact an attorney to see if they would represent me, I was told “no” over and over again, due to the complicated, unethical things my ex-spouse had done. Until I met Mark. Not only did he take my very difficult case on, but we never lost once during the multiple times we took my ex to court. Not only have I been awarded back maintenance but ALL ATTORNEY FEES, over and over again. Besides being an excellent and professional attorney, Mark is also a caring counselor and friend. He is definitely THE BEST out there!!

Excellent lawyer

Mark was great to work with. He kept me informed and made sure I had no stress over the matters. He worked hard to get us what we deserved.

Professional and efficient

Mark is a professional, efficient Lawyer. He has responded quickly to my questions, and always lets me know what my options are, before letting me make the decision of what to do next.

I Trust and Respect Mark Anthony Barrionuevo

I find Mark as one of the most professional, honest, and respectful people I know. It’s clear that he cares about people and takes the time to do what’s right.

He Is A Gem

I spent weeks interviewing attorneys on the phone and in person, for a post divorce issue. My ex was taking me to court again and this time I was determined to find an attorney who understood the machinations of a covert, passive aggressive, narcissist.

Imagine my delight when I learned that Mark Anthony was a family therapist before attending law school. He was the only attorney I spoke with who even knew what an NPD was.

Mark is astute, personable, grounded and honest. He blew me away with his representation and closing arguments. He had my back and fully understood the intricacies of my case. He is a gem and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Very Impressed

I hired Mark to deal with my divorce, including protection orders, false claims that had been made against me, child custody issues….there was a lot going on and I was lost trying to deal with it all. Mark is good at his job, he knows the law well and he used it to defend me and help me overcome all the obstacles coming at me. He is professional and he saw through the lies and manipulation that my ex was using to try and bury me. He prepared me for what was coming up in court which calmed my nerves about the whole thing. I put my trust in him…hoping he would help me to not only finalize divorce but make sure my kids would be safe, and he did just that. I would recommend him to anyone going through divorce for sure.

Mark is a sharp strategist

His responsiveness, knowledge, and authenticity during a slightly more complex divorce case kept me feeling supported. He made a difficult situation much easier to deal with, for that, I am grateful.
Mark is a sharp strategist and truly cares for his clients. His ability to thoroughly investigate various avenues and focus on detail was impressive. All issues were handled professionally and timely. He was quick to respond to questions and concerns and kept me informed every step of the way. In court, Mark was direct, powerful, and concise. It was evident that he spent countless hours preparing and covering all bases.

I truly appreciated Mark’s integrity in handling my case. I’m more than pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend Mark.

Distinguishable from other Colorado law firms

When a friend and business associate entrusts you with their request to write a letter of recommendation for them, it can put you in an awkward position: as their friend, you want to help them succeed, but as their client in an attorney-client business relationship for years, you know first-hand what a skilled, efficient litigator they are and self-preservation tells you to keep this ‘weapon’ all by yourself because you too, are a competitor, and always want the win.

The dictionary defines a “weapon’ as (a) any device for use in attack in combat, and (b) anything used against an opponent or adversary and (c) examples: sword, rifle and cannon. Just as these weapons are multifaceted, so are the traits of Mark Barrionuevo. The three traits discussed below distinguish Mark’s litigation skills from my previous law firm’s and exemplify why I am tempted to keep his legal skills for my own use.

1) STRATEGIC: essential for victory. All the high- stakes level ($3,000,000 exposure) this is winner-takes-all. Planning, precision and execution are not “a” way to win, but the “only” way. Many “seasoned” lawyers are inexplicably blind to “strategizing”, but not Mark Barrionuevo.

2) THRIVES UNDER PRESSURE: artistically, with surgical precision, slices layer-by-layer opposing party’s numerous “expert witnesses” credibility, and then further strips them of each piece of their evidence, as effortlessly as though he were peeling the skin off an apple. It’s his gift, which he has dedicated himself to mastering.

3) COMMUNICATION: distinguishable from other Colorado Law Firms, Mark embraces his responsibility to real customer service: prompt email responses, phone calls and availability. Dedication to delivering high-quality legal documents that he works on throughout the legal time-frame afforded instead or the more common “procrastination” bad habits of other law firms, who are easily pacified with “producing” something last minute. This work ethic empowers Mark to not have to hide
from his clients and it facilitates his excellent customer service.

An Amazing Attorney

Mark was an amazing attorney. He was very very honest about every step that he took with my case. He informed me about what to expect and was very patient with all of my questions. When we went to court he made sure that all of my concerns were addressed and that we fought for everything that I had asked for. The best thing of all besides my case turning out good for me was that he came under budget. I highly recommend Mr. Mark Anthony Barrionuevo for all legal needs.

Mark Anthony Knows the Law

I would recommend everyone to Mark. I had to go back to court with my ex wife because she was trying to take advantage of me and I hired Mark to represent me and he did a great job helping me push back and fight for me to get a fair deal. If you are looking for someone that has your back and KNOWS THE LAW, GO TO MARK! Thanks, Mark!

Every Crazy Situation You Can Think Of

Mark Anthony was a fantastic lawyer. He helped us through every “crazy” situation you can think of. Sometimes the saying “you can’t make this up” is a true statement. Mark Anthony helped us and guided us through a lot of uncertainty without blinking an eye. His knowledge and focus of our case showed that he truly takes each case as personal as he can. Mark Anthony focused on our case like it was his only case which made us feel like we were never a “second thought” to his workload. His thoughtfulness, his attitude, and tactical manner lead us to a better outcome than expected. He truly does care about the client and he shows you that in every conversation you have with him.

Dedication and Blessing

I hired Mark Anthony at Mark Anthony Law to represent a very complex case regarding my son and granddaughter. This case went on longer than expected but Mark Anthony Law made sure we were very thorough and relaxed. I am forever grateful for the compassion and outcome that we received. Thank you all for the dedication and blessing.

Very Difficult Time In Our Life

Mark Anthony Law was very helpful during a very difficult time in our life. Mark Anthony and the staff were very caring, helpful and thoughtful!

Outstanding and professional!

I retained Mark after filing and right before temporary orders. He advised me very well as to conduct and communication with my ex. I made some big mistakes which led to my divorce and put at an extreme disadvantage with regards to parenting time. He helped me set up supervised visits with my kids. Mark also coached me through some of my low points when I became frustrated with the process and discouraged. He is very professional and courteous. I especially appreciated the access to legal advise via phone, text, and email. When you call in need, he answers. Through the mediation process and final orders hearing, Mark helped me attain a far better deal/parenting plan than I ever thought possible. His paralegal is also outstanding, fast, and professional.

If I need legal representation again, I will definitely go with Mark Anthony Barrionuevo.

Custody Hell

I have been going through custody hell for over 7 years. I have been through 2 attorneys during that time. They were awful! I lost a lot of money, time and hope in the process. Mark was referred to me by a Denver firm and came highly recommended. I was told he handles high conflict cases like mine. I called Mark and I immediately hired him to start working on my case. He jumped in with both feet and did the most thorough job I have ever seen! He was not only prepared, organized and detailed, he was also knowledgeable, quick with motions and responses, and went above and beyond what I initially hired him to do. We had our court hearing a few days ago and Mark was persuasive, determined, and basically a miracle worker! We had a pretty big breakthrough in the case BECAUSE of Mark! I am so thankful!!!! I will never need to “shop” for a different attorney! I found the one I have needed! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Mark!

My Fur Kids

Mark Anthony Law is the first time that I’ve had to seek legal help and I’m so glad that I found him. Actually, he found me. You see, I had a very unique case in that my ex and I found ourselves in a custody / ownership dispute regarding three dogs that we had adopted while we were together. When we split, we verbally and mutually agreed that we were going to share custody of the three dogs; part time with my ex and part time with me. Unfortunately, that is not the way it turned out. At a time that my ex had the three dogs in her custody, she decided that she would keep them and I would not be seeing them. This was not an option for me and I started looking for legal assistance.

I did a google search and found a site that I plugged in criteria of what I was needing assistance with. I continued to contact several attorneys, and no one would take my case. Fortunately, this is when Mark contacted me. He asked for the details of the situation, what my desired outcome would be and what evidence or information I had to provide to him. Mark advised that he could not make any promises, however he felt I had a good case given the details of our discussion and his experience with past cases.

As soon as I hired Mark, he and his paralegal, Melonie, got right to work. I felt at times that Mark could be a bit harsh and brash when speaking to me. However, this may have been his way of keeping me focused and preparing me for what may have been upcoming. In any case, I would always recommend giving him as much information as possible and letting him decide what is important or not.

Although I would have fought for full custody of all of the dogs, fortunately Mark was able to persuade / encourage the opposing party and attorney to accept the original agreement that was agreed upon at the time my ex and I split, without huge court time and additional costs. I will say that, although we didn’t spend a lot of time in court, seeing how the attorney for each side handled themselves and the case, I’m very glad that Mark was on MY side. He didn’t want to lose my case. Give him as much information as you can, let him decide what he needs and he will utilize his skill, knowledge and experience to get what you deserve.

I now have all three dogs in my home. I look at them and everyday I’m so grateful to Mark and Melonie because I know that if it hadn’t been for them, doing what they do, my fur kids wouldn’t be with me.

Thank you, Mark and Melonie.

Never Need To Look For Another Attorney

Today, I was honored to have Mark representing me in another custody hearing (7 years of ongoing battles with my daughter’s father). Mark was efficient, firm, relentless (in a Good way!), and extremely knowledgeable at the hearing. Mark also prepared me for what was to come which gave me confidence to prove my case. Mark was extremely aggressive (which is what I have been needing), and objected when needed. I am absolutely elated with Mark as my attorney, especially seeing him in action 2 times thus far. I know I will never need to look for another! Thanks Mark!!

Protecting Our Daughter

Mark, We are very pleased with your efforts in ensuring that our daughter was well represented in her divorce. Specifically your diligence and persistence in making sure that her ex-husband provided the necessary and crucial documents, which he tried to suppress several times, during the divorce process. This work paid off for our daughter in allowing the judge to see clearly the circumstances of her situation and we are pleased with the fair and equitable outcome. In addition to this, you approached her case with empathy and your paralegal Melonie was very attentive and helpful to us during this process. Thank you again for all your efforts.

The Best Odds

Mark is hands down one of the most calm and creative lawyers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I was treated like family, He remembered important details during the entire process and more importantly live in court. I felt fully prepared when it was my turn to answer the questions. I had no concept of how custody cases would go. I’m super happy I had Mark Anthony to guide me along the way. I wish I could tell you how your case was going to end, but if you want the best odds, I would choose Mark Anthony Law.

Hilariously Good

Mark Anthony is hilariously good at what he does. Mark Anthony, and perhaps even more so, Melonie, his most legal of paralegals, make the concept of “law firm” an easy one. Yes, they will charge, and yes, you will get results.
Mark Anthony does A LOT of on his own time in Family and Parenting classes – this makes him a better lawyer; and heck, he’s even a parent too. Mark Anthony is smart and fast with responses during court time. It’s a hard item for a person to master the art of rapid and correct verbosity in a legal setting, but Mark Anthony has done just that.
Melonie can probably tell you how and what is going to happen in court – she’s that good; and she’s had that much experience. The ability to both type and carry on a conversation at the same time is perhaps only rivaled by an operator monitoring multiple channels and doing the same.
Divorce sucks, but what I get from Mark Anthony and Melonie is not having to worry about the welfare of my child during the custody process.
There cannot be enough good things said about Mark Anthony Law’s level of professionalism, particularly when custody situations are involved.
My son and I frequently engage in traditional outdoors, western, and Colorado types of activities – hiking, outdoorsing, open space exploration; and a little mechanical type of stuff too. We’re frequently get a few scratches, cuts, scrapes, etc… – Colorado; stuff heals slow, never enough hydration or dry skin stuff; anyhow; hands are frequently looking rural to say the least. Mark was able to present this as just this – kids, Dads/Moms/Parents, outdoors, Colorado, America. Misc. scrapes bruises bumps etc. aren’t abuse, neglect, or danger!
Mark and Melonie did very well with the language required to cut through endless allegations of abuse and neglect and immediately move to the reality of no real reports to present to the courts (no reports as in no ER records, no medical records, no school records, and no Police 911 or LEO reports either). And they held the petitioner to task for the expense of responding to the multiple baseless accusations.
IMHO, this is a genuine win and how it should be in our modern courts. When divorce was filed against me, Mark Anthony and Melonie did so well with always treating me with respect and with as much consideration as anybody should be treated. At Mark Anthony Law, I have always felt that they have treated me and my family with respect. That’s a hard item to find in our often very superficial world.

The Best Odds

Mark is hands down one of the most calm and creative lawyers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I was treated like family, He remembered important details during the entire process and more importantly live in court. I felt fully prepared when it was my turn to answer the questions. I had no concept of how custody cases would go. I’m super happy I had Mark Anthony to guide me along the way. I wish I could tell you how your case was going to end, but if you want the best odds, I would choose Mark Anthony Law.

Lifetime Client

I first retained Mark Anthony as my attorney a few years back for a child support issue. Anyone who’s ever dealt with the judicial system knows that it can be quite intimidating. For me having to go to court for anything is a great deal of stress. It became obvious to me very soon after I retained Mr. Barrionuevo that I had chosen the best attorney. Throughout the whole process I at least had Peace of Mind knowing that my case was in good hands. Mark Anthony had a very proactive approach with how he treated my case and the results at the end were beyond what I expected. I chose to hire him again earlier in the year for a related matter and he once again came through and the results were Beyond satisfactory to me. Mr. Barrionuevo is the only choice if you need quality representation. It was always very simple to communicate with him and any questions I had were answered promptly. You will not find a better attorney in town. I am a lifetime client and would only ever consider hiring Mark Anthony should any other situations arise. I am forever grateful to Mr. Barrionuevo for helping me in such a stressful time of my life.

Best Family Attorney in Colorado Springs Hands Down!

Mark Anthony Law is by far the best Family Attorney in Colorado Springs, hands down! They were able to take my case and do more in a few weeks than my prior attorney did in 7 months. The care that this team has is immeasurable and you can feel it when you meet with both Mark Anthony and his paralegal Melonie. Melonie puts her whole heart into her work and it shows when you see the paperwork she prepares. She listens to everything you say and finds ways to ensure you are represented properly by Mark Anthony. I wish I would have sought representation from Mark Anthony Law at the beginning of my divorce/child custody because I know I wouldn’t have spent the thousands upon thousands of dollars that my prior attorney took from me and did absolutely nothing in my favor. Mark Anthony is not like most other lawyers, he forbids to be “shady” or “unethical” and he believes that the truth will win, which it does and his reviews speak for themselves.
I want Melonie to get a special place on this review, so THANK YOU so much for working so hard on my case! Your tireless efforts and compassion was not unseen. You are what helps make this law firm so great and you carry a lot of weight in changing people’s lives for the better and ensure they receive what they deserve. Your hard work shows that there are great people out there who just want to do the right thing and fight for what’s right. You made this process so much easier and I could not do it without your guidance.

A True Legal Sword and Shield

When Mark Anthony Barrionuevo says he is your “Legal Sword and Shield” he’s not saying it lightly. Mark Anthony gave me 100% and then some! His professionalism, knowledge, expertise, dedication, relentless perseverance, patience, connection, compassion for all parties involved and consistent work ethic to me/my case aided immeasurably to ensure our success. Alongside Mark is his paralegal Melonie, an asset who is equally professional, dedicated and personable. This team is a true benefit to the legal community. You won’t go wrong with Mark Anthony Law!

Calm Reassurance

I was shocked when I found out my ex-husband was taking me back to court. After my initial phone consult with Mark Anthony, I knew I wanted him to represent me. His calm reassurance is what I needed and that continued throughout the process. Mark Anthony and Melonie were incredibly patient with me and that was very much appreciated! Because of how my case was handled, I am 100% confident my ex-husband will not contact me again.

Mark Is A Wonderful Attorney

Mark is a wonderful attorney. He helped me so kindly and professionally through an upsetting divorce with drug and domestic violence issues, and helped manage the process so I secured 100% custody and sole decision making for my children. He is also conscientious about time and money, and his paralegal is a pleasure to talk to. Highly recommend.

Made Me Feel Confident and Less Nervous

Mark is a great attorney that I would highly recommend, and helped me through a nerve racking court hearing. He was available for my questions and made me feel confident and less nervous on court day. He was very knowledgeable about the law and had my back; I cannot thank him enough for his help!!

Plenty of Lawyers

There are plenty of lawyers in the Colorado Springs area to choose from, but I’m glad I decided on Mark Anthony. We ended up settling with a very fair offer after discovering some damage caused by an automotive shop. Mark and his paralegal, Melonie, were always available to answer questions and discuss the next step in the process. If you’re ever in need of legal assistance I definitely recommend Mark Anthony Law.

Heard As A Father

I had the privilege of working with Mark Anthony Law, and I can’t express how grateful I am for their exceptional service. Mark’s expertise and guidance were invaluable throughout my case. He ensured that I was thoroughly prepared, paying meticulous attention to every detail. What truly stood out was Mark’s approach. Instead of focusing on tearing my ex down, he emphasized building me up as a responsible and loving father. This strategy ultimately helped the judge see the truth – that I am an amazing father. Mark’s paralegal, Melonie, was also outstanding. She was incredibly attentive, providing constant updates and reminders about the ongoing and future proceedings. Together, Mark and Melonie turned an incredibly stressful process into one that felt as stress-free as possible. Their teamwork and dedication instilled confidence in me as we navigated this challenging situation. I highly recommend Mark Anthony Law to anyone in need of legal counsel. Mark Anthony Law made me feel truly represented and heard as a father. They truly go above and beyond to support their clients.

I Was Completely Wrong!

When I found out my spouse filed for divorce, I was devastated. I had no idea what to do, where to turn. Never been in a situation where I had to find a lawyer and I was so stressed about the whole thing. I had two free consultations with other law firms and wasn’t impressed. I called Mark Anthony Law thinking it was going to be the same experience like the others, but I was completely wrong! I was treated with such compassion and understanding that I felt like I wasn’t alone. This law firm took the time to make sure I understood my rights, understood what the process would be like moving forward and supported me throughout my highs and lows. I appreciate this law firm so much and recommend Mark Anthony to anybody going through tough legal times. When I couldn’t get up, Mark Anthony stood for me. When I had no words, Mark Anthony spoke for me. I can’t thank you enough!